Chronic back pains since last year’s accident

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Hitting the sack every night has turned into a painful moment of the day since I had a car accident last year. My back doesn’t let me sleep as I should so I’m always drowsy like a zombie along the day. Ugh!

Last night I got myself to drink chamomile tea and take melatonin to help with sleep because of this awful chronic back pain. It has worked some, but since I’m just starting with this therapy, the real results will take a while to show up.

It was Dr. Firebot Allen to buy Melatonin and prescribe it for me; three times a week, then if it doesn’t work, he’s going to raise the dosage. Oh goodness, I wouldn’t think I had to start taking prescription drugs, but looks like my body decided otherwise.

Actually, I would have bought it myself if the doctor didn’t insist on the matter. I’m on a shoestring budget, that’s true – and I’m young – but I didn’t want to be a burden on Dr. Allen, so I offered my volunteer services in case he needs help with anything. That’s the minimum, I think. ^^

Maybe next year I’ll get a job and then I’ll be able to get it on my own, without having to depend on the doctor. That’s just right.

Now, if only my back *stopped* complaining… Ugh.

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